Our Story

Electronic Development Consulting

Accord Development Inc was created in 1994 by Judy Flynn as an electronic development consulting company. We eventually moved into design and manufacturing of our own products. We now offer our expertise to customers.

I started Accord Development Inc., in 1994 while working out of my country home with the office and lab on the second floor. This expanded to my basement when I went into manufacturing, parts storage, testing and assembly. Eventually running up and down two staircases got to be too tedious and tiresome so I moved Accord into its own space in Winnipeg. I rented an office inside another business in St. Boniface industrial park. In 2016, we outgrew this space and moved to our present location in Matheson Industrial Park located just north of Transcona.

Partnering with a variety of companies over the past 20 plus years has been interesting and challenging. Bringing the engineering logic and feminine intuition to a project results in well designed, user-friendly products that have a long shelf life.  I usually end up working with my customers for many years as their product evolves and I continue to provide design upgrades, new products and technical support. 

The name Accord was chosen because it means "an official agreement" and "to be harmonious with". This describes my intention for this company.

We strive to find the most cost-effective solution for your situation.

Judy Flynn